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How do I get training on how to manage the incients being captured and sending in the details on time for reports?
Our offices provide on the phone training or we can get someone to come and do training if there are enough people that require this. Our office contact details are: 0861 101 726 OR
Why is the company called crime prevention, as I deal with the Employees Reference Site details and checking only?
Our company has two large databases that we hold, the one being the Employees Reference Site, where one can do employment history checks on people your company is looking to employ. We also have an Incident Management System, where we create statistics from as we collect criminal incidents from the retailers, developing best practises to prevent another incident occuring in their stores again.
How do I get a password and username for the Incident Management System or the Employees Reference Site? And what do I do if I have any problems with my username and password?
All usernames and passwords are obtained through the CGC Crime Prevention Offices, if you have any problems with the passwords, we can re-set them here through a simple phone call to 0861 101 726.
How do I apply for the ID cards?
For application of the ID cards please contact the CGC Crime Prevention Offices on (086) 110 1726 or We have an ID cards team at the office who will gladly help you.
How do I gain a reference number for the ID cards?
Login to Employers reference site. Once logged in, select Reference check on left hand side. A page will appear where it asks for you to enter an ID number and surname. This is where you place the individuals ID number and surname that you want a reference number for. Once entered, select the button which says search. A result will appear with either Positive or negative. Below this is the reference number. The number might have a P or N in front of it; this just indicates whether or not there is employment history (N being negative, no employment history and P being positive, employment history.) That reference number is the number that must appear on the card in the allocated space.
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