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How long does the process of registration for ID Cards take?
The entire process takes a minimum of 3 days, due to invoices being drawn up and any delays in receiving and sending the application forms, e-mails etc...
What will the fee be?
The fees are based on the Company Category you fall into, E.G. Manufacturer, promoting company etc... The fees are per company per annum and not per person.
I cannot log onto the ERS (Employees Refrence Site) Database.
Your username and password are case sensitive, so please make sure you are putting it in correctly. Please also make sure you are logging onto ERS and not ECR (Efficient Consumer Response, which is a link to this department). The ERS tab is on the left written in full and not defined to ERS. If you still experience problems, please contact the offices on 011 789 1160 /
How do I get an ERS number?
After the application process and payment is received, the ID cards Team will send you the card format. On the e-mail is your username & password to access ERS. There is also a details step to step guide attached to this e-mail. You will need to log on with your username & password, and start your reference checks there. Each individual gets their own unique reference check. This ERS Reference number is placed on the back of the card in place of XXXXX/X.
Does the signature on the card need to be of the card holder?
Yes. Please make the signature on the back of the card is that of the card holder.
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